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Zipper Pull – Marker
This double sided high visibility Cyflect (glint & glow) tape marker increases the chances that you or your loved ones are be seen in the dark.

Zipper Pull – Micro and Fat Micro Cog
Handcrafted by Ru-Titley-Knives from Kirinite “Starlight” acrylic, these bead appears as a pale yellow in daylight but glows a bright vibrant green after being exposed to light. It’s durability means it’s resists chipping, cracking and shrinkage. They work great to mark a zip inside your pack for easy location, marking your kit while camping and even hanging on your keys so they’re easy to find.

Each zipper pulls come with a length of black paracord (Type I), with a stopper knot on one end, that can be passed through most zipper pulls for attaching it onto bags or jackets.