Slave 1 Recon Patch & Bead

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The Slave 1 Recon patch, another design from our popular Recon series, inspired by Boba Fett’s customised version of the legendary Slave 1, including 18 kill stripes reminiscent of his status in ROTJ.

  • 2.8” diameter
  • 100% embroidered
  • Hook backing

The deluxe Slave 1 bead has been handcrafted by Ru (of Ru Titley Knives) and comes with a dark grey lanyard. These deluxe Slave 1 beads are hand cut and then shaped by Ru into a new style of cog design. The bead has a green spacecraft-style galvanised carbon steel outer layer with a green and red G-10 liner core. Between the outers and the G-10 central core are two layers of shokres glow liner from Beyond Wood Products. The shokres glow liner appears as a very pale yellow in daylight but glows a bright vibrant green after being exposed to light.

Please note: The OD Green acrylic spray paint has been distressed in a way that will encourage more wear with use for an ongoing, unique finish.