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Hero’s Bow

Hero’s Bow

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Rounding off our Zelda series, equip the Hero’s Bow to your pack or pouch (or patch mat) to defeat your enemies from afar. I love the original design so much I haven’t tweaked much but of course there is a hidden recon symbol in there.

  • 1.8” x 1.8  diameter
  • Hook backing
  • Phthalate free PVC

As we are closing up shop after this drop there will be no more than 100 made – so don’t miss out! 

All of these seconds have the same issue. The outer stitching that holds the PVC design to the hook backing has missed its mark and got over the red border slightly by roughly 1-4 stitches. This has mainly happened where the shaft of the arrow meets the bowstring (either or both sides) and on a few rare occasions the border around the arrow’s tip. You will not be able to see what defect exists before purchase, and refunds will not be available, however these are available at a reduced price.

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