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Dragon Patch

Dragon Patch

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Originally released just over 6 years ago, the dragon returns in a darker stealth form. This patch serves as a reminder that when faced with obstacles, be it a battle, rough terrain or simply a tough life situation, we may need to take a risk to overcome!

  • 2.5” diameter
  • 100% embroidered
  • Hook backing

This design is an adaptation of the winged serpent insignia for the U.S. 130th Infantry "Phantom" Division during WWII. The patches of the phantom divisions were distributed to troops of other divisions, who in wearing them created the illusion of a much larger force.

I have a fairly rigorous quality filter, so any patches with minor issues (loose threads, slightly odd shapes or stitching errors) are offered as seconds, for those who plan to wear them hard or save funds for more patches! You will not be able to see what (if any) defects exist before purchase, and refunds will not be available, however these are available at a reduced price.

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