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Art Print Pair

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A lot of thought and careful design goes into each of our patches, creating the original artwork for the patches that you love to carry with you. This is our new series of art prints featuring that original artwork by Nat Wagstaff ready for you to display. 

All our artwork is printed on A5 Fresco Gesso hammered Italian paper, a prestige paper perfect for art prints.

  • 148mm x 210mm (8.3" x 5.8")

The first design features an iconic beacon for the resistance, the X-Wing Starfighter. Diving valiantly into dogfights against colossal fleets, the Rebel squadrons upheld the idea of hope through the darkest of times.

The second design is our tribute to the fastest piece of junk in the galaxy. The Corellian Light Freighter points towards a star from the flag of its home planet.