Ru Marker Strips

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Single markers, hook backed, with GITD dots for mounting behind. These are official Ru-Titley-Knives made markers. These have been tested and developed in the field for years now and Ru's signature eyelet style has proven resilient and robust.

Each marker comes with smaller 10mm hook backed glow-in-the-dark dots. These can be positioned first and then the Ru-Marker secured over the top, allowing you to adapt these to your changing environments and specific carry needs. These markers up high visibility Cyflect (glint & glow) tape, and each have hook backing, with eyelets for extra strength.

  • Large: 1″ x 2.56″ L strip marker (single)
  • X-Large: 1” x 3.8″ XL strip marker (single)
  • Hook backing
  • 6 x GITD green moon glow dots